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Alucol: also Qualanod Industrial certified

Alucol is since January 2020 also certified according to Qualonod Industrial standards. It is an extension of our Qualanod certification, we have had the Architecture certificate for many years. Qualanod is the international quality label for anodising aluminium. Frank Veelenturf, managing director of Alucol: "This label offers our industrial customers a standard that is tailored to their customers and applications. Our anodising result is a response to process control and the observance of good agreements with our clients. This label shows that we also control our processes well for these applications and our customers are assured of a high-quality product that retains its value and quality in the long term. A good confirmation of our sustainable and qualitative way of working".

QUALANOD has approximately 185 licensees in 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

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