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Datacenter, Leuven, Belgium

Performed work:Anodising

Expanded metal mesh and ceiling plates in Colinal bronze Alnecolan C2

The data center of the Catholic University of Leuven contains two server rooms with the related technical installations and office space of 2.000 m². The concept is based on the large amount of heat produced by the data center. This heat is recovered for heating the offices and the adjacent office building. Every year, is more than 1.700.000 kWh heat recuperated.

The facade has a upholstery in expanded metal mesh, both for the close parts as for the Windows, where the panels in stretch metal can be turned face up. This gives the building a monolith character and forms at the same time a solar protection and security for the offices will fall through.

Alucol has anodised all expanded metal mesh and ceiling plates in Colinal bronze Alnecolan C2.

Foto Datacenter, Leuven, Belgium
Foto Datacenter, Leuven, Belgium
Foto Datacenter, Leuven, Belgium